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One of our murals in our outdoor area painted by Joseph Nuke Montalvo

La Plazita Preschool II

Is a center based school with a maximum capacity of 45 children. Here we build on the social and emotional aspects of preschool. We also solidify the important cognitive skills that children will need to succeed in Kindergarten. Average age of our students is to 6 years old.

La Plazita preschool is a true Spanish Immersion preschool where your child will not only learn or retain Spanish, but also become fully prepared for Kindergarten. We have a very rich curriculum designed by highly experienced educators and training experts.

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La Plazita Preschool III

Is our new school Opening August 2016. This center will serve the same population of children from 2-6 years old. This center upholds our high standards of Spanish Immersion, social emotional learning and strong cognitive skills.

Students engaged in science doing observations of the plants growing in the garden.

Mixing science with art, using celery to paint pictures.