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La Plazita Locations

Is where we started our school but has since been consolidated into La Plazita II located on MacArthur. La Plazita II is located at 3625 MacArthur Blvd. La Plazita III is located at 3632 35th Ave. and is our newest school. Both of our schools serve children from two to first grade entry. Looking for a TK program, we more than surpass TK by allowing for a fully enriched challening program with a much smaller teacher to student ration.


The purple La Plazita House, where it all started, but is not a school any more!


The La Plazita I Garden. This is where we started our love for gardening and teaching children how to appreciate nature and eat healthy.


Our Day of the Children Party with a Pinata of course!


Our circle time room with an amazing spray paint mural made by Joseph Nuke Montalvo.

La Plazita Environment

Is filled with colors to match our Latin American heritage. There is artwork throughout. All of our dynamic areas have been created to promote learning as fun. In addition our classrooms are set up to promote early literacy. Our outdoor areas are created to provide an ample area for science exploration and horticulture.

La Plazita Preschool II Center

3625 MacArthur Blvd. is located in the heart of the Laurel district of Oakland. The center is made up of large open areas with tons of natural light. The outdoor space is spacious and also includes a large garden space. We have amazing murals painted throughout that reflect our culture but also the diversity that make up La Plazita.


La Casa Chica where the children love to be at home!


The Easter bunny comes every year!

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