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Inspire and prepare children to succeed in a global and multilingual society.


To foster in a playful way a solid linguistic, cognitive and socio-emotional foundation, structured academics, a supportive loving environment and creative expression!

Working hard hulling our corn

after a bountiful harvest.

What was the motivation

behind starting the


When I was searching for a preschool to put my now eleven year old in, I found a Spanish Immersion program that was great on language but did not properly prepare my son for entering into Kindergarten. I was concerned with the lack of curriculum and focus in the school and realized there was a need to create a Spanish program that had a much more enriched core. We strive to develop a strong central curriculum that will help our children to succeed. We strive to have them be more than ready to enter into kindergarten with a great basis in language, culture and community! My daughter just completed her first year of kindergarten where she tested advanced in reading and writing in both English and Spanish.



  1. A loving "familia" environment for children and their families

  2. Teach the Spanish language as a maternal or second language

  3. Engage parents to be active participants in their child's development

  4. Foster a lifestyle that promotes healthy habits including physical, mental and social wellbeing.

  5. Inspire children to create a positive community by fostering empathy and love.

  6. Prepare children for a successful transition into kindergarten.

  7. Promote creativity and most importantly, have lots of fun!


A baby Eastern Swallowtail born at La Plazita!

Why is our name La PlaZita and not La Placita?

In our house we love the letter "Z," all three of our children's names start with Z's so we had to use literary license to change the correct spelling of La Placita to La PlaZita, thanks to Ziel, Zaylee and Zyana!


The dragon head of our Chinese New Year Parade

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